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Morgan Moses wears No. 71 to support Trent Williams

Morgan Moses may not have the same accolades as Trent Williams, but the Washington Redskins tackle did a great job as a stand-in for his fellow lineman on Sunday.

Following practice, Moses took to the podium sporting a Williams jersey and proceeded to answer questions as if he were the seven-time Pro Bowler. As has been the case all offseason, Williams is still absent from the team due to his frustrations with the medical staff and front office.

"I miss my guys. I miss the Hogs. I miss Brandon [Scherff] and Morgan [Moses]. It's about that time man. Get ready for these guys," Moses said, playing the role of Williams.

After making sure to heap praise on his own skills -- still in character as Williams -- Moses was lobbed the expected question of why he (as Williams) was holding out. Moses made sure to still have fun with it.

"Ya know, I just asked for, ya know, a couple of pizzas and a Pepsi. It didn't work out, but ya know, I'm here now so that's all that matters. It's time to get ready for the Eagles Week One," Moses playfully said.

All jokes asides, having Williams in the lineup for Week 1 is still a legit focal point for the Redskins. And Moses said as much once he broke the fourth wall and answered once again as himself.

"I miss him. Well, see my most wanted shirt wasn't ready yet, so I had to opt out for the jersey," he explained. Both players have had time to form a solid bond, having shared a locker room since 2014, Williams' fifth year and Moses' rookie year.

Moses confirmed he has talked to Williams and gave the indication that, whenever the conflict between both parties is resolved, Williams will be prepared.

"You know he's doing good," Moses said. "He's working out. He's obviously getting in shape and stuff and, when he gets here, he'll be ready to go."

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