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NFL Fantasy Exit Interviews: AFC East

AFC East

Buffalo Bills (10-6)

2019 Team Offensive Ranks*Total offense:* 23rd*Passing:* 26th*Rushing:* 8th

Statistical Leaders (Final positional ranking/PPR ranks)
Passing:Josh Allen -- 3,089 yards, 20 TD, 9 INT (QB6)
Rushing:Devin Singletary -- 775 rush yards, 2 TD (RB32)
Receiving:John Brown -- 72 rec., 1,060 yards, 6 TD (WR20)

What went right:Josh Allen is still trying to cement his status among NFL quarterbacks and critics but he's finding a pretty solid niche in fantasy circles. Once again, Allen proved to be the top goal line rushing option for the Bills offense, accounting for a team-high nine rushing touchdowns to go along with his 20 passing scores. As fantasy enthusiasts pivot toward favoring quarterbacks who run, Allen's fake football star is starting to rise.

We were also reminded of what John Brown could be. 2018 was a lost season for Smokey since he was unable to connect with Lamar Jackson consistently during his one season in Baltimore. This year, he was a favorite target of Allen and returned to his previous WR2 status. Rookie running back Devin Singletary made some positive impressions in his first NFL campaign but his lack of touchdown opportunities made him a continually dicey start.

What went wrong: Singeltary's lack of touchdowns became a sticking point for fantasy managers as the Bills' season progressed. It spoke volumes that his fourth and final touchdown of the season came on Thanksgiving Day via a trick play (a pass from John Brown). As long as Allen continues to be the Buffalo's main rushing threat near the goal line, Singletary's value will likely be capped. We're still waiting to see what Allen can eventually be as a passer, which would elevate his draft stock. But as long as he's running the ball effectively, we won't complain too much about his other deficiencies.

What needs to improve: Yes, Frank Gore is ageless and is still a joy to watch lo these many years later. Nonetheless, it would be nice to see Singletary get a larger role (yes, I'm still talking about him having more scoring upside). Cole Beasley was occasionally a nice complement to the passing game but the Bills might need to add another legitimate receiving threat if the offense is going to evolve. Of course, some of that evolution might be hastened if Allen gets a little less scattershot with some of his throws.

2019 Team Offensive Ranks
Total offense: 25th
Passing: 12th
Rushing: 32nd

Statistical Leaders (Final positional ranking/PPR ranks)
Passing:Ryan Fitzpatrick -- 3,529 yards, 20 TD, 13 INT (QB17)
Rushing:Ryan Fitzpatrick -- 243 yards, 4 TD (QB17)
Receiving:DeVante Parker -- 72 rec., 1,202 yards, 9 TD (WR11)

What went right: Entering the season, the prevailing wisdom was that the Dolphins were in tank mode and might not win a game in 2019. At season's end, Miami stunted on the haters, winning five games and putting up more of a fight than most people anticipated.

Ah, but you're here for fantasy. Alas. Let's now celebrate the long-awaited DeVante Parker breakout season. After being touted for years, the fifth-year receiver finally cracked the 1,000-yard mark and set career-highs in receptions, yards and touchdowns. That shouldn't obscure what was shaping up to be a solid season from rookie Preston Williams before an ACL tear derailed him. A late-season surge from Mike Gesicki offers hope that he can be a reliable tight end in 2020. Through it all, Ryan Fitzpatrick beating out the beleaguered Josh Rosen for the starting job turned out to be the fantasy catalyst we didn't know we needed.

What went wrong: Of all the amazing things Fitzmagic did in 2019, he also led the Dolphins in rushing. Turns out, that was suboptimal. Fitzpatrick's 243 rushing yards was a team-high and the fewest by a non-running back on the way to leading his team in that category. Yeah, that's bad and it speaks to how much of a square peg Kalen Ballage was. It also makes you wonder why the team seemed to eager to move on from Kenyan Drake, who prospered after being traded to Arizona. Yet we got more production from this offense than initially anticipated so maybe we should just be thankful.

What needs to improve: Did I mention that Ryan Fitzpatrick led the team in rushing? Because, yeah, that happened. If that doesn't scream out for needing help at running back, I don't know what does. We'll also see whether Fitzpatrick remains the starting quarterback next season with Miami very much still in the running to draft former Alabama star Tua Tagovailoa. If what we saw from the 'Fins in 2019 was no fluke, this offense might just be a piece or two away from being something really exciting.

2019 Team Offensive Ranks
Total offense: 7th
Passing: 8th
Rushing: 18th

Statistical Leaders (Final positional ranking/PPR ranks)
Passing:Tom Brady -- 4,057 yards, 24 TD, 8 INT (QB12)
Rushing:Sony Michel -- 912 yards, 7 TD (RB31)
Receiving:Julian Edelman -- 100 rec., 1,117 yards, 6 TD (TE7)

What went right: This was not the Patriots offense as we've come to know it in recent years. Tom Brady had some nice weeks but he wasn't a highly-coveted fantasy quarterback week-to-week. Similarly, Julian Edelman finished as a top 10 WR but was more in the WR2 range when it came to his per game averages. In our current PPR world, James White was the running back to target over Sony Michel but both were hard to trust on a regular basis.

What went wrong: I was tempted to copy and paste the previous paragraph into this section. It's not that the Patriots offense was bad, it's just that you'd be hard-pressed to name anyone that you felt comfortable starting in your lineup on any given week. This offense was a good case study in how the per game averages and weekly inconsistency told a better story than the end-of-year cumulative totals.

What needs to improve: For the first time in a long time, there is major flux in Foxborough. Tom Brady's future is uncertain. The wide receiver corps is lacking, the running back group is underwhelming and with news that longtime offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia is retiring, that group is likely to go through some upheaval. I never thought I'd write these words but ... we need some certainty coming out of the Patriots camp. Man, 2020 is weird already.

2019 Team Offensive Ranks
Total offense: 31st
Passing: 29th
Rushing: 31st

Statistical Leaders (Final positional ranking/PPR ranks)
Passing:Sam Darnold -- 3,024 yards, 19 TD, 13 INT (QB27)
Rushing:Le'Veon Bell -- 789 rush yards, 3 TD (RB16)
Receiving:Jamison Crowder -- 78 rec., 833 yards, 6 TD (WR26)

What went right: As I try to figure out what to write in this section, I'm staring at my computer, staring at the screen and fighting the urge to scroll Twitter or flip channels on the television sitting on my desk. I could blame it on late afternoon malaise and a desire to shut it all down for the day. Or I could realize that there wasn't much about this offense that really truly was much better than just "meh". Maybe I should just stop trying to force it and admit that Gang Green's offense wasn't much to get excited about for fantasy purposes this year.

What went wrong: That first part also sort of applies here as well. Aside from Twitter jokes about mono or topics that Dr. Peter Venkman would have interest in, the Jets weren't totally void of fantasy assets. Just none that were anything close to week- or league-winners for you. It would have been nice for Robby Anderson to show up in our fantasy lives much earlier than he did. Then again, it would have been nice for Jamison Crowder not to disappear for long stretches. Alas, you can't always get what you want. Mick Jagger told me that.

What needs to improve: A little bit of everything. Getting a full, healthy season from Sam Darnold would be a nice start. Finding a way to use Le'Veon Bell more effectively would be next. More consistency from the wide receiver group would also be nice. And maybe -- just maybe -- the Jets can finally get something from the tight end position. (insert *Titanic "It's been 84 years" gif*). Since we're putting out our wish list, a new offensive playcaller would be nice but I'm not holding my breath.

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