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NFL Fantasy Football Podcast: Jayden Daniels dubbed a 'stud', Best ball drafts + NFL's best revenge games

Join Marcas Grant, Michael F. Florio and LaQuan Jones as they discuss the latest in NFL fantasy football. In this episode, the trio dives into the latest NFL headline to discuss the hype around Commanders rookie Jayden Daniels, who was dubbed "a stud" after his first practice. Is this a Hype Train or a Smokescreen? Then the fantasy experts shift gears to discuss best balls drafts. With the running back options dwindling rapidly, should you hold off on selecting one early, or do you prioritize snagging one of the elite options?
Then the trio turn their attention to the 2024 NFL schedule release. They spotlight the NFL's best revenge games and break down the international series and Christmas Day matchups.

The NFL Fantasy Football Podcast is part of the NFL Podcast Network.

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