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NFL Fantasy Football Podcast: Trevor Lawrence injury update, Week 14 previews 

Marcas Grant and Michael F. Florio preview the first half of the NFL's week 14 matchups. The hosts start the show with an update on the injuries to Trevor Lawrence and Christian Kirk (1:00). Then they discuss the Thursday night game between the Patriots and Steelers and whether they would start any Patriots players (3:40).

Next, they preview the early Sunday games, starting with the Buccaneers at Falcons (7:55), Rams at Ravens (10:20) and Lions at Bears (12:12). Can you trust Drake London, Keaton Mitchell and Jared Goff?

Then the guys talk about the Colts at Bengals (14:35), Jaguars at Browns (16:22), Panthers at Saints (18:16) and Texans at Jets (20:24). Then, they discuss what to do with the Jags wide receivers, Tee Higgins and Noah Brown.

The NFL Fantasy Football Podcast is part of the NFL Podcast Network.

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