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Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy Football Podcast: Week 12 matchup previews

Marcas Grant and Michael F. Florio preview the first half of NFL's week 12 matchups. The hosts start the show with an update on Aaron Jones' knee injury (1:20). Then they discuss the Thanksgiving Day games, starting with the Packers at Lions (3:16), moving to Commanders at Cowboys (4:57) and 49ers at Seahawks (6:43), before they give their picks for Thanksgiving's Club Dub (8:45). 

Next the guys preview the first-ever Black Friday game between the Dolphins and Jets (10:08), before they dive into the first half of the Sunday games with the Saints at Falcons (12:21), Steelers at Bengals (14:49), and Jaguars at Texans (17:08). 

The NFL Fantasy Football Podcast is part of the NFL Podcast Network.

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