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NFL Fantasy Football Start 'Em, Sit 'Em Week 11: Intro

I'm sure many of you know that I'm a staunch anti-veto person when it comes to fantasy football. But my friend Nick sent along this tweet that kind of put that to the test this week.

I mean, we all know that there is collusion going on here. And I sure hope it is, because I would be so bummed to think that somebody was this terrible at fantasy football. Because this is a dumb trade. Especially the week after Travis Kelce was on a bye. You can try to rationalize this trade all you want. Because Gronk for Kelce isn't terrible. And again, it might have made sense last week. But trading Josh Jacobs for a bunch of mid-card guys is just insulting. Especially Mark Ingram. I'd rather have five guys off the waiver wire over Ingram at this point. Seriously. Kalen Ballage. Salvon Ahmed. J.D. McKissic. Just to name a few. So let's not pretend this is a fair trade.

But I did want to use this as an example for those of you who are going through a similar type of experience in your league. Because there are always trades that might look one-sided. Like last week, I traded Giovani Bernard for Travis Fulgham and people were upset. Mostly because they feel like I'm cheating somehow (understandable). But it looks fair in hindsight now, and most trades usually do even if you have a definitive winner. But that trade above is ridiculous. And even saying that, I would never think to veto it. I don't want to live in a society like that.

What you need to do is act like a teacher, who knows that their student has done something wrong. Most of the time, if you give them enough time, they will eventually come around and admit that they were doing something wrong. And it's my guess the two people in Nick's league would eventually do that. Unless they are truly terrible people. But for the most part, guilt would get to them.

And if they don't, you are going to have two empty spots available in your league next year. Because that's the ultimate verdict right there.

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