What will happen to Trevor Lawrence's hair with Jaguars?

Will Trevor Lawrence want a fresh new haircut to go with his fresh new start in Florida?

Jacksonville-area hairstylists hope he will. And they're already lining up to be picked by the quarterback who just went No. 1 overall, according to The Post and Courier's Josh Needelman.

The first candidate: Jaguars team barber Eric Rivera, who's been with the team for five seasons and opened a shop with help from a Lawrence predecessor, Blake Bortles.

"If Trevor was to sit in my chair, definitely would be able to give him exactly what he would want," Rivera told Needelman. "Or if he were to ask me for advice on what he would want, I would definitely be able to do that as well."

Local hairstylist Cynthia Meadows has her suggestions ready if Lawrence is interested in switching it up. After working with rappers like Teyana Taylor at A'Bliss Studio, she already pictures cutting Lawrence's "wispy strands" in her chair.

She also pictures him going — wait for it — brunette.

"I'd like to give him a fresh new look to welcome him to Jacksonville," she told Needelman.

That might be a tough ask for No. 16. Even causal fans identify him by his luscious golden locks; chopping them off might be bad for business.

Superstition plays a big role too, per Lawrence's hometown barber, Scott Holder. At Clemson, the quarterback reached an elite heights with his current hairdo. Any barber who changes that might find themselves karmically responsible for Lawrence's level of play.

"So let's go ahead and get something straight," Holder remembers telling Lawrence before a big high school game. "No matter how you play tomorrow night, it has nothing to do with this haircut."

Lawrence agreed not to hold his barber personally accountable. The same might not go for Jaguars fans, who've waited too long just to have their new franchise passer Samson-ed by a daring scissors-holder at the last minute.

Any new stylist Lawrence picks should know that going in — and clip carefully.

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