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Wilfork, Clowney swap jerseys to hilarious effect

Jadeveon Clowney is finally having an injury-free, breakout season, but he still can't seem to escape his veteran teammates' shadows ... and laundry.

The division-leading Texans loosened up a bit ahead of their Week 13 trip to Lambeau Field with many of the players swapping jerseys during Friday's practice. When it came time to trade shirts, Clowney and fellow defensive lineman and 325-pound human Vince Wilfork made interesting bed fellows.

Clowney is universally regarded as a freak athlete, but his build was no match for Wilfork's quintuple-XL kit, which swallowed him whole like Wilfork at a Houston ribs joint. Meanwhile, in Clowney's get-up, Wilfork looks more like a beach-ready Ezekiel Elliott than an All-Pro nose tackle. 

If ever there was a question that Wilfork was a beefy mass of a man, that should have been squashed during last year's edition of Hard Knocks.

Don't leave us, Vince.

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