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VIDEO: Predicting Player Injury with the Digital Athlete

The NFL harnesses innovative technology to help make the game safer. That includes the Digital Athlete, an injury prediction tool – built on artificial intelligence and machine learning powered by AWS – that represents the next generation in player health and safety.

The Digital Athlete provides a complete view of an NFL player's experience, taking video and data from training, practice and in-game action and using AWS technology to run millions of simulations of specific in-game scenarios to tell teams which players are at the highest risk of injury. Coaches and training staff use that information to develop individualized injury prevention, training and recovery regimens.

Starting this season, all 32 clubs have access to the Digital Athlete team portal, which includes daily training volume and injury risk information for their team, as well as league-wide trends and benchmarks.

Mahomes AWS DA Spot

The technology allows club staffs to work smarter and more efficiently by providing regular, automated insights into which players are at the highest risk of injury, and which can increase their training load – which informs adjustments to practices and game plans. Clubs have a better understanding of what their players need to stay healthy, recover quickly and perform at their best.

The Digital Athlete – and the NFL's partnership with AWS – is helping revolutionize player health and safety.