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Fantasy football waiver wire targets for Week 13 of 2020 NFL season

2020. Week 13? Monday morning.

The tricky part of writing a weekly waiver wire column is knowing you must do it before the final game(s) of the week have been played. It's even trickier when you're not 100 percent sure that game is going to be played. Yet we soldier on.

Long after the last of the cranberry and stuffing are gone and the ham bone has been made into soup, the endless night of Week 12 persists. But time – and waiver wire claims – wait for no one. So, we soldier on.

Similarly, 49ers receiver Deebo Samuel did yeoman's work on Sunday. His 11 receptions were a nice addition to a hefty yardage day. But it's just as accurate to say that Samuel was an extension of Kyle Shanahan's running game. Don't be discouraged by Samuel's air yards total (for those who observe), the number of times the San Francisco/Santa Clara/Glendale coaching staff gets the ball into his hands is what's important.

Patriots running back Damien Harris continues to lead the way in the New England backfield. His work could increase with Rex Burkhead on injured reserve and the team seemingly in no hurry to get Sony Michel back into action. Harris could be in the lead for the foreseeable future.

The foreseeable future for J.K. Dobbins includes a Wednesday afternoon Week 12 matinee against the Steelers. But for those who have one foot in Week 13, Dobbins' Week 11 work makes me foolhardy enough to again cast a lot in Ravens' Rushing Roulette – which sounds like a sentence written by an unholy combination of Marty McFly and Biff Tannen.

Monday afternoon.

The letdown of finding there is no longer pie in the house was matched by the disappointment of the Raiders' offense against the Falcons. Maybe it was going east to play an early game. Maybe it was the loginess of extended tryptophan coma. Whatever it was, here's hoping the Jets can offer a dose of get-right for receiver Nelson Agholor and quarterback Derek Carr.

One trivial annoyance of always being home is the feeling of constantly doing laundry and dishes. The first one is amazing because I rotate three pairs of sweats and about 10 t-shirts. The latter is a function of preferring multi-use items to disposable ones.

Saints quarterback Taysom Hill has taken his multi-purpose act to a more consistent alignment behind the center. While Alvin Kamara managers might grumble about the residual fallout of Hill's exploits, he's outscored Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray in each of the past two weeks. Next up is a rematch against the same Atlanta team he overwhelmed in Week 11. Ideally, it means he gets the ball to his pass-catchers – including Emmanuel Sanders – a bit more.

Monday night.

Sunset brings the procrastination bug. A beer and some television feel like the right call. Alas, I've already watched the latest episode of Grogu Eats Space Food, so I put my distractions on hold temporarily.

One hopes that the bout of unproductivity that befell Colts receiver Michael Pittman last week was temporary. The silver lining was that he had a season-high nine targets and has a tasty matchup with the Texans this week. For quarterback-challenged rosters, the **Philip Rivers** stream flows.

Speaking of the Texans … Will Fuller's suspension opens the door for Keke Coutee to play more snaps, but the hipsters will learn Isaiah Coulter's name this week. A beard and suspenders aren't necessary. But a deep bench and a sense of adventure might help.

Maybe I'll run it back with Grogu one more time. This is the way.

Marcas Grant is a fantasy analyst for and a man who wonders if it's weird to buy a Honeybaked Ham just because. Send your out-of-season food desires or fantasy football questions on Twitter @MarcasG or Instagram at MarcasG.

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