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2022 NFL triplets rankings: Bengals, Eagles climb; Packers, Chiefs drop

The game of football requires contributions from all 11 members on the field, but we know what drives the popularity of the sport: brand-name athletes.

The 1990s Dallas Cowboys helped establish the modern concept of triplets -- a star quarterback (Troy Aikman), running back (Emmitt Smith) and receiver (Michael Irvin) comprising a dynamite offensive trio -- and I'm here to keep the tradition alive with my annual ranking for the upcoming season.

This exercise is muddied by teams that follow a committee approach (looking at you, Patriots), but the most important tenet is simple: Quarterbacks matter more than anyone else. I've graded them accordingly, following a procedure established by Ali Bhanpuri, our senior director of content and editorial, which weighs rankings of players in each of the three categories. I ordered quarterbacks by two key criteria:

  1. Who do I want in a one-game scenario? Who do I trust most to go out and win my team a game?
  2. Which quarterbacks do I think will put together the most impressive performances over an entire season?

I ranked each quarterback 1-32 with a points system (32 points for No. 1; 1 point for No. 32) in each of the two categories, then multiplied them by 1.5 to accurately represent the importance of the position to each team.

The remaining members of each team's triplet come from two categories: running back and pass-catcher. The latter leaves room for tight ends who are their team's primary target, while the former -- despite seeing its value diminished in the pass-first NFL -- still matters a great deal in this exercise.

Let's count down, shall we ...

NOTE: Up-down arrows reflect changes from the 2021 edition of the triplet rankings.

New York Jets
Score: 18.5 pts

Quarterback: Zach Wilson -- Rank: 31 (One game: 30 | 2021 prod.: 27)

Running back: Breece Hall -- Rank: 32

Pass catcher: Garrett Wilson -- Rank: 29

Notice a common theme among this trio? They're all largely unproven. Two are rookies (Hall, Garrett Wilson) and the other is a second-year quarterback who doesn't yet have a full season's worth of games under his belt. That means 2022 is a giant proving ground for these Jets, who had a great offseason but now need to turn their hype into production. As a second-round pick, Hall should eventually become the lead back, and then he'll get his chance to prove what he did at Iowa State translates to the NFL. The first-year wideout is one of my favorites in this class and should fit in nicely from the start. Ultimately, it all comes down to whether Zach Wilson, who might miss Week 1 due to injury, can catch up to the speed of the NFL game.

Houston Texans
Score: 23 pts

Quarterback: Davis Mills -- Rank: T-30 (One game: 28 | 2022 prod.: 32)

Running back: Dameon Pierce -- Rank: 30

Pass catcher: Brandin Cooks -- Rank: 22

Pierce will end up ranking much higher than this when we have a year's worth of tape to analyze. Mills, meanwhile, remains less certain. He came on strong late in 2021 and earned the right to continue as the starter, but that can change in half of a season. Cooks, however, is a proven commodity. He's been a lone bright spot in Houston in each of the last two seasons, breaking 1,000 receiving yards each year. Perhaps we'll see improvements in all three of these player rankings a year from now.

New York Giants
Score: 23.5 pts

Quarterback: Daniel Jones -- Rank: 32 (One game: 32 | 2022 prod.: 29)

Running back: Saquon Barkley -- Rank: 19

Pass catcher: Kenny Golladay -- Rank: 31

Above all, Jones needs to stay healthy. Then he must show he can protect the ball. The optimism from his rookie season feels like ages ago, and Jones will get 2022 to prove he just needed a quarterback whisperer like Brian Daboll to put it together. If he doesn't, well, this ranking will prove accurate, and the Giants will likely be in the market for a new quarterback. Golladay arrived with much fanfare but has encountered nothing but rough waters since trading Honolulu blue for the Giants' blue. Barkley has been talking about proving he can be the Saquon of old, but we've yet to see it. All of this feels very much like a make-or-break year.

Seattle Seahawks
Score: 34 pts

Quarterback: Geno Smith -- Rank: T-30 (One game: 29 | 2022 prod.: 31)

Running back: Rashaad Penny -- Rank: 31

Pass catcher: DK Metcalf -- Rank: 10

Metcalf signed a three-year, $72 million extension this offseason, and even if Tyler Lockett outperformed him last year, we know who the WR1 is in Seattle. Metcalf is a beast and should be treated as such by opposing defenses. Smith will manage a game well but won't wow anyone at this stage in his career. Penny is the lead back here for now, though it feels as if that will eventually be Kenneth Walker III's job. It's a transition year in Seattle, folks.

Detroit Lions
Score: 43 pts

Quarterback: Jared Goff -- Rank: T-23 (One game: 22 | 2022 prod.: 26)

Running back: D'Andre Swift -- Rank: 20

Pass catcher: Amon-Ra St. Brown -- Rank: 30

Don't take my ranking of St. Brown as criticism; I'm a big believer in his potential. I'm curious to see how the Lions work in Jameson Williams when he's ready to go, and if he'll overtake St. Brown as the top pass-catcher in Detroit. Until then, it's St. Brown's role, and we know he has the work ethic for it. Goff has already been subjected to plenty of talk about when he will be replaced, but he's been pretty good at tuning it out. We'll see if he can be better in 2022 and silence some of that noise. And as Duce Staley said on Hard Knocks, Swift has the potential to be an elite back. He just needs to go earn it, and hopefully for him, he won't be the focus of opposing defenses every week like in past years.

Atlanta Falcons
Score: 47

Quarterback: Marcus Mariota -- Rank: 26 (One game: 24 | 2022 prod.: 30)

Running back: Cordarrelle Patterson -- Rank: 17

Pass catcher: Kyle Pitts -- Rank: 20

I'm happy to see Mariota get another chance as a starter in the NFL, but it's slim pickings in Atlanta this year. Patterson exceeded every imaginable expectation for him last year, earning his 17th-place ranking. I'm not sure his ceiling extends much higher, though. Pitts, meanwhile, was a stud as a rookie and is only getting started. Drake London looms as a potentially explosive contributor, but until they prove it with their play, this is where the Falcons will stand.

Jacksonville Jaguars
Score: 50 pts

Quarterback: Trevor Lawrence -- Rank: 22 (One game: 23 | 2022 prod.: 21 )

Running back: James Robinson -- Rank: 24

Pass catcher: Christian Kirk -- Rank: 25

I already love what I've seen from Lawrence in his first year under Doug Pederson. Lawrence looks like he's back on track to become the franchise quarterback the team believed it was welcoming when he was selected first overall in 2021. Freedom from the Urban Meyer-directed dysfunction seems to be brightening spirits throughout Jacksonville, starting with Lawrence, and the young core of playmakers could help him elevate to a new height in 2022 (the bar is pretty low, after all). Robinson will not be the only runner in this offense, thanks to the return of Travis Etienne. The third-year pro is still the most proven runner the Jaguars have, though, so he mans this spot -- for now. And Kirk reset the receiver market when he signed with Jacksonville, which was a bit absurd for a receiver who's yet to break 1,000 yards in a season. Maybe that changes in 2022, but until then, 25th is the right spot for him.

Chicago Bears
Score: 52 pts

Quarterback: Justin Fields -- Rank: T-23 (One game: 25 | 2022 prod.: 23)

Running back: David Montgomery -- Rank: 15

Pass catcher: Darnell Mooney -- Rank: 26

Let's get this out of the way: Mooney just might prove he's much better than 26th. The same goes for Fields, who is already looking like a much-improved quarterback in preseason action. Montgomery, however, is a known commodity, even if the rest of the league has yet to catch on. I have great expectations for him in 2022, even if the Bears aren't seen as a contender. This could be the beginning of a dynamite trio in Chicago for years to come -- we just need more proof.

Pittsburgh Steelers
Score: 55.5 pts

Quarterback: Kenny Pickett -- Rank: T-27 (One game: 31 | 2022 prod.: 24)

Running back: Najee Harris -- Rank: 6

Pass catcher: Diontae Johnson -- Rank: 21

I'm choosing Pickett because I also believe in my heart of hearts that he'll end up playing more games than Mitch Trubisky this season. I've seen enough in the preseason to know he's the guy Pittsburgh will at least test as its long-term replacement for Ben Roethlisberger. Still, Pickett is an unproven rookie, so he lands near the bottom of the rankings. Harris, meanwhile, carried all of Pittsburgh on his shoulders last season, seeing 381 touches in his first year. He's a stud, but the Steelers need to be more diverse offensively to truly take advantage of Harris' abilities. Johnson finished 10th in receiving yards (1,161), caught eight touchdown passes and also struggled with drops for a second straight season (especially late in the year). He got paid, but only over a two-year extension, leading me to believe the Steelers still need to see consistency. Overall, though, the Steelers aren't in a bad place. Rookie standout George Pickens might end up replacing Johnson here before long, too.

New England Patriots
Score: 63 pts

Quarterback: Mac Jones -- Rank: T-16 (One game: 17 | 2022 prod.: 17)

Running back: Damien Harris -- Rank: 27

Pass catcher: DeVante Parker -- Rank: 24

This exercise does not help the Patriots, nor does it help my reputation when the Patriots' committee-based approach at all offensive skilled positions produces a much more effective offense than these rankings would indicate. That's fine. Parker has flashed No. 1 receiving talent in a couple of seasons in Miami, but we all know the narrative for him: He struggles to stay healthy. Jones is entering just his second professional season, and although he impressed many in 2021, tying for 16th might be slightly too high. We'll roll with it for now. Harris is the lead back in a stable that will spread carries out in rather equitable fashion. The Patriots are more than these three pieces -- they find success because of the sum of their parts. We just can't include all of them here.

Cleveland Browns
Score: 63.5 pts

Quarterback: Jacoby Brissett -- Rank: T-27 (One game: 27 | 2022 prod.: 28)

Running back: Nick Chubb -- Rank: 3

Pass catcher: Amari Cooper -- Rank: 16

With Deshaun Watson suspended for the first 11 games of the 2022 season, the Browns are turning to Brissett, a longtime backup capable of stepping into action and keeping teams afloat. He’ll have the benefit of handing the ball off to Chubb, one of the league's top backs. Cooper lands in the middle of the top pass-catcher rankings, which isn't a knock on him -- there are just some really good pass-catchers in this league. Overall, the absence of their top quarterback for the majority of the season hurts the Browns in this ranking.

San Francisco 49ers
Score: 65.5 pts

Quarterback: Trey Lance -- Rank: 25 (One game: 26 | 2022 prod.: 25)

Running back: Elijah Mitchell -- Rank: 16

Pass catcher: Deebo Samuel -- Rank: 7

Lance is ranked 25th among QBs heading into his first season as the 49ers’ starter, with plenty of room to move up on the list next year if he takes the job and runs with it in 2022. However, after an offseason full of rumors about Jimmy Garoppolo’s next destination, the veteran is returning as a trusted insurance policy behind Lance. The decision to keep Jimmy G. around makes sense, but it also doesn’t inspire the most confidence in their second-year QB, which helps explain the ranking of these triplets. Mitchell was a revelation in his rookie season and should be expected to build upon the positive start to his career. And Samuel is a do-everything receiver who got paid this offseason

Washington Football Team
Score: 67 pts

Quarterback: Carson Wentz -- Rank: 20 (One game: 20 | 2022 prod.: 20)

Running back: Antonio Gibson -- Rank: 22

Pass catcher: Terry McLaurin -- Rank: 17

If Wentz hadn't melted down in spectacular fashion at the end of last season, he might still be in Indianapolis. Instead, he's in Washington, where the Commanders hope they can be the ones to rejuvenate his career. He certainly has the playmakers to make it work; it's up to him to prove his struggles of recent years are not career-defining. McLaurin is one of the most underrated receivers in the league, and maybe this is the year that changes.

At the running back position, Washington was rocked on Sunday when promising rookie Brian Robinson was shot twice in the knee during an attempted robbery or carjacking. Fortunately, Robinson has already been released from the hospital -- in fact, the Commanders kept the running back on the initial 53-man roster. It's unclear what this means going forward, but for the time being, Gibson has a chance to open the season as the feature back despite some August struggles.

UPDATE: Washington announced it has placed Robinson on the reserve/non-football injury list, which means he will not be able to play until Week 5, at the earliest.

Miami Dolphins
Score: 71 pts

Quarterback: Tua Tagovailoa -- Rank: 19 (One game: 19 | 2022 prod.: 19)

Running back: Chase Edmonds -- Rank: 29

Pass catcher: Tyreek Hill -- Rank: 8

We all know the biggest question mark in this situation is Tagovailoa. If he can prove he's on the path to success, the Dolphins will be in a much better place and achieve well beyond this ranking. Hill arrives with the goal of significantly assisting in that effort, and he's being paid accordingly. Edmonds was another notable offseason addition, but it's not as if he's Jonathan Taylor. He'll be the headliner in a committee backfield that also includes former 49er Raheem Mostert and former Washington Huskies Myles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed. The pressure is on Tagovailoa to shed his youthful cocoon and spread his butterfly wings. Hill will meet him on the other end of his flight.

New Orleans Saints
Score: 76.5 pts

Quarterback: Jameis Winston -- Rank: 21 (One game: 21 | 2022 prod.: 22)

Running back: Alvin Kamara -- Rank: 9

Pass catcher: Michael Thomas -- Rank: 18

Thomas gets dinged because he's been unavailable for all but seven games since the start of the 2020 season. We just don't have enough recent evidence to justify giving him the type of ranking he had earned prior to his injury issues. He could come back and be an All-Pro receiver again, and I'd look like a fool -- or he could come back and struggle to regain the form that once made him elite. Winston is coming off an ACL injury, but has quality weapons at his disposal. And Kamara has been steady, though he was relied upon far too much last season. He's still a top-10 back capable of making a difference in the run and pass games. If Thomas and Winston exceed expectations, the Saints will outperform this ranking.

Philadelphia Eagles
Score: 82 pts

Quarterback: Jalen Hurts -- Rank: T-16 (One game: 18 | 2022 prod.: 16)

Running back: Miles Sanders -- Rank: 21

Pass catcher: A.J. Brown -- Rank: 11

Things are looking up in Philadelphia after the Eagles shocked the football world by reaching the playoffs last season. Hurts still has to prove he can take the next step toward becoming a franchise quarterback, but credit is due to coach Nick Sirianni for effectively utilizing his talents in 2021. The same goes for Sanders, who wasn’t seeing enough touches until Sirianni shifted the offense toward the rushing attack midseason. And the addition of Brown instantly turned the dial on the hype machine to 11. Paired with DeVonta Smith, Brown stands to make a significant impact immediately, as long as Hurts can consistently find him. They have the potential to raise their standing in these rankings when we return for another round a year from now.

Tennessee Titans
Score: 89 pts

Quarterback: Ryan Tannehill -- Rank: T-16 (One game: 16 | 2022 prod.: 18)

Running back: Derrick Henry -- Rank: 2

Pass catcher: Robert Woods -- Rank: 23

There's some nervousness in Nashville entering 2022. Tannehill did a commendable job helping the Titans to the AFC's top seed last season, but he unraveled in their playoff loss to the Bengals, calling into question his viability as the team's long-term starter. Henry is a monster with whom we're all well-acquainted. He's No. 2 only because he's not quite as much of a threat in the passing game as Jonathan Taylor. Finally, after trading away A.J. Brown, the Titans' best option is either Woods -- a proven veteran coming off an ACL tear -- or rookie Treylon Burks.

Denver Broncos
Score: 91.5 pts

Quarterback: Russell Wilson -- Rank: T-10 (One game: 10 | 2022 prod.: 11)

Running back: Javonte Williams -- Rank: 14

Pass catcher: Courtland Sutton -- Rank: 28

Wilson provides stability Denver hasn't enjoyed under center since the days of Peyton Manning, and the veteran QB has plenty of weapons to work with in 2022. Williams is an exciting back who should only improve with a greater workload. But Denver’s ranking slides when considering where the Broncos stand at receiver. They're talented, yet no one stands out as a top option more than Sutton, who has produced some highlights but also didn’t quite perform to expectations in his first season back after tearing his ACL early in the 2020 campaign. There's a ton of potential here, but there are also some questions. Angry tweeters, let's ride.

Baltimore Ravens
Score: 92 pts

Quarterback: Lamar Jackson -- Rank: 12 (One game: 12 | 2022 prod.: 12)

Running back: J.K. Dobbins -- Rank: 25

Pass catcher: Mark Andrews -- Rank: 12

At his best, Jackson is better than 12th among all quarterbacks. But the combination of Jackson’s injury-shortened 2021 season and the state of his contract talks have added a healthy portion of uncertainty around the QB. If the Ravens can again find a way to maximize his rare talents, Jackson will outperform this ranking. But Dobbins is coming off a significant knee injury, and this offseason Jackson lost top wide receiver Marquise Brown, who said he wanted out of Baltimore. That's not exactly a comforting realization. Jackson can erase doubts by playing like he did in his MVP season of 2019, but it’s going to take help from more than Andrews -- a stellar tight end deserving of his ranking ahead of Travis Kelce -- to get the Ravens back to the playoffs.

Indianapolis Colts

Quarterback: Matt Ryan -- Rank: 13 (One game: 13 | 2021 prod.: 13)

Running back: Jonathan Taylor -- Rank: 1

Pass catcher: Michael Pittman -- Rank: 27

We all know what the Colts are missing, at least on paper: A dynamite receiving threat. Pittman could team with Parris Campbell to make quite a duo, but he's still not near the elite level of some of the other pass-catchers in the league. Ryan gets a bad rap for laboring through the last few years in Atlanta, but I believe folks will realize he's still an effective quarterback. Having Taylor around certainly won't hurt; The Wisconsin product proved he's a star last season and only seems to be headed for greater heights in 2022.

Carolina Panthers
Score: 97 pts

Quarterback: Baker Mayfield -- Rank: 15 (One game: 15 | 2022 prod.: 15)

Running back: Christian McCaffrey -- Rank: 4

Pass catcher: D.J. Moore -- Rank: 19

We've seen instances in which Mayfield has carried his team to victory, but we've seen plenty more examples in which Mayfield's struggles have cost his squad. I'm inclined to believe 2021 was an aberration for Mayfield, who fought through injuries to try to lead the Browns to success. He looked sharp in the preseason, but there's a big question mark hanging over his head after being traded for a conditional fifth-round draft pick. I’m not going elevate his ranking high enough to match his production from the 2020 season. That doesn't mean he won't prove me wrong in 2022. He just needs to go out and do exactly that to repair his reputation among NFL quarterbacks. As for McCaffrey, he needs to stay healthy. He's one spot lower than expected because he hasn't been available for most of the last two years. And Moore is a solid pass-catcher who rounds out this group with a ranking that is higher than most might anticipate.

Arizona Cardinals
Score: 101.5 pts

Quarterback: Kyler Murray -- Rank: T-10 (One game: 11 | 2022 prod.: 10)

Running back: James Conner -- Rank: 26

Pass catcher: DeAndre Hopkins -- Rank: 6

Murray is electric; he just needs to be consistent over a full season. Hopkins will miss the first six games of 2022 due to a suspension, but there will still be 11 games to play when he returns. He's still a five-time Pro Bowl receiver, so I’m not docking him for missing the first month and a half of the season. Conner, meanwhile, has never broken 1,000 rushing yards in a season, but his 18-TD performance last year was a pleasant surprise. If he’s able to replicate that, he'll rise in these rankings, and the Cardinals will be glad they signed him to a three-year extension.

Kansas City Chiefs
Score: 109 pts

Quarterback: Patrick Mahomes -- Rank: 5 (One game: 5 | 2022 prod.: 5)

Running back: Clyde Edwards-Helaire -- Rank: 28

Pass catcher: Travis Kelce -- Rank: 13

We've seen flashes from Edwards-Helaire, but it just hasn't happened consistently enough for me to rank him above players with more production in recent seasons. Mahomes carries the Chiefs’ ranking, and even after losing Tyreek Hill, he'll still be able to rely on Kelce, one of the game's top tight ends. Like the Packers, the Chiefs have new challenges in 2022 after trading their top wide receiver. Both teams are equipped with coaches and quarterbacks capable of leading them through the uncertainty. If Edwards-Helaire can stay healthy for a full season, Kansas City will likely outperform this ranking.

Green Bay Packers
Score: 110.5 pts

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers -- Rank: 3 (One game: 3 | 2022 prod.: 4)

Running back: Aaron Jones -- Rank: 12

Pass catcher: Allen Lazard -- Rank: 32

Replacing a superstar receiver isn't easy. After trading away Davante Adams, the Packers are betting their 2022 fortunes on Lazard and Randall Cobb, while also hoping two rookies (Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs) can step up to contribute. Rodgers is the back-to-back MVP, but ties for third here only because I'm not convinced his production will match what it was with Adams. Jones is very good, but isn't their only back in the mix thanks to the rise of AJ Dillon. Ranking ninth certainly isn't terrible, and the Packers have a chance to achieve beyond this standing in 2022. I just need to see it first.

Dallas Cowboys
Score: 113

Quarterback: Dak Prescott -- Rank: 8 (One game: 8 | 2022 prod.: 8)

Running back: Ezekiel Elliott -- Rank: 13

Pass catcher: CeeDee Lamb -- Rank: 15

Dallas shipped out Amari Cooper to Cleveland, let Cedrick Wilson walk in free agency and is still counting on Michael Gallup's healthy return from an ACL tear. Not great, Dak! Prescott is still a high-caliber quarterback and Elliott seems to be trending in a positive direction (although RB2 Tony Pollard figures to play an important role in the offense in 2022, too), so all is not lost in Dallas. They'll just need some new pass catchers to step up. They're not Aikman, Smith and Irvin, but these triplets are certainly talented.

Minnesota Vikings
Score: 113.5 pts

Quarterback: Kirk Cousins -- Rank: 14 (One game: 14 | 2022 prod.: 14)

Running back: Dalvin Cook -- Rank: 5

Pass catcher: Justin Jefferson -- Rank: 3

Cousins still sits in the top half of signal-callers in the league, but is he truly capable of getting a team to the Super Bowl? He has a top-five running back and top-three receiver at his disposal, yet the Vikings aren't attracting much in the way of expectations at the moment. Cousins isn't bad -- in fact, he's more than serviceable -- but he's not elite. If he was performing at that level, the Vikings might be atop this list.

Los Angeles Rams
Score: 123 pts

Quarterback: Matthew Stafford -- Rank: 6 (One game: 6 | 2022 prod.: 6)

Running back: Cam Akers - Rank: 23

Pass catcher: Cooper Kupp -- Rank: 1

We'd see the Rams rank even higher if Akers had been able to play a full season in 2021. Still, his return from an Achilles tear was remarkable, and if he can carry that momentum into a highly productive 2022 season, this group will be strong. We already know what the Rams have in Stafford -- run back the Super Bowl LVI tape if you need a refresher -- and after being ridiculed for months over not immediately anointing Kupp as the patron saint of receiving, I'm attempting to make amends. The guy won the receiving triple crown and caught the game-winning touchdown pass in the Super Bowl -- and then celebrated with his family in the bowels of SoFi Stadium after the game. What's not to like?

Los Angeles Chargers
Score: 123 pts

Quarterback: Justin Herbert -- Rank: 7 (One game: 7 | 2022 prod.: 7)

Running back: Austin Ekeler -- Rank: 7

Pass catcher: Mike Williams -- Rank: 14

Herbert proved in 2021 that his rookie season was no fluke. He is part of the new generation of star quarterbacks in the league and is capable of taking the Chargers all the way to the top. They'll just need to ensure Ekeler is able to stay on the wagon for the full ride, because the Chargers are exponentially better when he's on the field. Williams outperformed Keenan Allen last season, so he gets the nod (along with that new contract). Now, it's about building on what they started in 2021. In the rugged AFC West, that's no easy task.

Las Vegas Raiders
Score: 125 pts

Quarterback: Derek Carr -- Rank: 9 (One game: 9 | 2022 prod.: 9)

Running back: Josh Jacobs -- Rank: 11

Pass catcher: Davante Adams -- Rank: 2

The football world refuses to put the proper amount of respect on Carr's name. His old college pal, Adams, should help with that in 2022. An elite receiver is precisely what Carr and the Raiders needed a year ago, and I expect them to take another step forward now that the Fresno State power duo is together again. Jacobs remains the lead back and won't be the only one producing at the position. It's still difficult to argue with what he's done in his first three seasons (two years of 1,000-plus rushing yards, over 1,200 scrimmage yards in each campaign). This is a sturdy set of triplets.

Buffalo Bills
Score: 137.5 pts

Quarterback: Josh Allen -- Rank: T-1 (One game: 2 | 2022 prod.: 1)

Running back: Devin Singletary -- Rank: 18

Pass catcher: Stefon Diggs -- Rank: 5

Allen is a budding superstar, and we tend to easily forget how many playmakers Allen has at his disposal: Diggs was a receiving machine in his first season in Buffalo, and Gabe Davis looks like a legitimate No. 2 receiver in that offense. Singletary has tightened his grip on the lead back role in Buffalo this preseason, and it's all setting up for a prolific year in Buffalo. Now, the Bills just need to clear those playoff hurdles.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Score: 141.5 pts

Quarterback: Tom Brady -- Rank: T-1 (One game: 1 | 2022 prod.: 2)

Running back: Leonard Fournette -- Rank: 10

Pass catcher: Mike Evans -- Rank: 9

Compliments are in order for Fournette, who came on in the 2020 playoffs after a slow start to his career in Tampa Bay. He’s proved to be a key contributor for a contending team. Evans is consistently reliable (especially in the red zone), and despite finishing with fewer catches and yards than teammate Chris Godwin last season, Evans’ 14 touchdown grabs led the Bucs and ranked second in the league. And finally, well, Brady is the quarterback. Further explanation is not required.

Cincinnati Bengals
Score: 142.5 pts

Quarterback: Joe Burrow -- Rank: T-3 (One game: 4 | 2022 prod.: 3)

Running back: Joe Mixon -- Rank: 8

Pass catcher: Ja'Marr Chase -- Rank: 4

Cincinnati made a massive leap from 2021 to 2022, making a run all the way to Super Bowl LVI. There isn't a weakness in this trio: Burrow is one of the faces of the NFL's present and future under center, Chase proved to be a walking highlight reel and Mixon is about as steady as they come. As long as they stay healthy, we'll continue to talk about these three for years to come.

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